Le Spa - A Sanctuary To Derive Joy!

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Whenever exams are near, my neck never fails to give me problems.
All those late night studying made my neck and back so stiff.
I had to sit at my study table for hours staring at those exam notes....

In need of a great massage to soothe those aches.
And then.... came Le Spa!

"Queietly snugged in a peaceful corner of the vibrant club street, an urban escapade unfolds for your dormant soul."

YES! It is opened 24 hours daily. Working adults in the CBD area, you can now visit Le Spa after a long day at work to relieve your stress, and restore your vitality. 

One important thing about Le Spa is that, they don't advocate pressure-selling of exuberant packages. Good things don't require hard selling at all! This is to ensure that your visit at Le Spa will be a truly enchanting and worthwhile one.

Walking down the long walkway...
You can see that the whole place is dimly lit to allow your mind and body to relax.

Just before my 1.5hr of Le Royal Balinese Massage!

This is one of their MUST-TRY signature remedies that is masterfully crafted to combat urban fatigue and restore vitality.

Le Spa has 4 different signature massages for you to try:

  • Le Urban Fusion
  • Le Royal Balinese
  • Le Classic Swedish Retreats
  • Le Imperial Indulgence (Twin Therapy)

Dimly lit room with nice & soothing music to relax your body and mind.

Le Spa definitely has skillful masseuse to provide the best massage.
I had a full body massage from head to neck, to fingertips, to toes!
The best part was the head and neck massage, I didn't want it to end. :(

The masseuse kept asking me if the strength she applied was alright for me. :)

You could even take a shower there after your massage before you head back to work!

If you're looking for a place that offers quality yet affordable massage, you definitely need to check Le Spa out!

Le Spa
14 Gemmill Lane 
Singapore 069253

By the way, they are currently having a promotion right now. Remember to check their website out for more information!
Tel: 6222 6803

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